Do I have to live in NYC to work with you?

Over 70% of our clients reside **outside** of New York City and do not physically view the diamonds or jewelry before purchasing. We offer high resolution photography and video along with ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology) and ideal scope images for each client's review and consideration. Translation - We work with clients all over the world, and you don't need to live in NYC.

Do you only make Engagement Jewelry?

Our studio can offer a variety of different jewelry items. They range from custom designed engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and diamond stud earrings to wedding rings for both men and women, along with diamond necklaces. Each item can be customized for your individual requests with CAD renderings offered when requested. Metal can be in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Do you ship your diamonds Worldwide?

Our diamonds and rings, along with our other custom jewelry, can be shipped throughout the United States and around the world. Our carrier of choice is Federal Express, and if necessary, Brinks and Malca Amit. For shipments outside the United States, your countries VAT tax will apply and BE is not responsible for payment. Federal Express, as a representative of the customs department, will notify you when the package has arrived and you will be advised of any taxes or duties pertaining to the shipment and how to go forward with payment.

Shipping outside the United States is available for an additional $200.00 per shipment.

Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

For security reasons, Brilliantly Engaged does not ship to a residential address. We ship to the closest Fed Ex location based on the address provided. The package will be held for pickup at the location. We can ship to a business address with the understanding that once a package has been signed for our insurance on the packaged lapses. Shipping in the United States is free of charge, and for the majority of the time, sent overnight. All shipments are insured for full sale value.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Bank Wire Transfers, Checks (personal and certified bank), and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, & American Express). Credit card purchases require an additional 3% convenience fee. This fee is non-refundable 

Will I receive a discount if I pay by bank wire?

We offer a 1.5% discount of the sale price for a wire transfer.

Is Sales Tax Applicable?

Under current law all New York State residents are required to pay 1.08875% sales tax for delivery in New York State.

Is there a deposit required?

All sales require a 20% deposit based on the total cost of the jewelry item. This deposit can be in the form of a bank wire, check (personal and certified bank), or credit card.

How long does it take to receive my jewelry?

As each piece of jewelry is specific and personal, so delivery time may vary from 2-6 weeks. Hand forged jewelry will usually be delivered at the end of the previously stated timeline. CAD renderings will be offered if requested, along with pictures of the hand forged process to make your ring.

What is your Warranty Program?

At Brilliantly Engaged, our rings are manufactured with the finest grades of platinum and our jewelers are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Prior to shipping, our quality control team inspects every item of jewelry for any manufacturing defects prior to shipping. Therefore, we offer a two year warranty on all rings.and jewelry. In the event of a problem with your jewelry or ring, we will send you a Fed EX label with directions and you will ship the jewelry item back for review. Upon receiving the returned item, we will examine the item and assess the damage indicated and provide a timely reply. Prior to shipping, please contact your insurer to indicate that you are shipping the item back. If it was determined that the resposibility is on Brilliantly Engaged, there will be no cost involved and Brilliantly Engaged will also be responsible for the shipping and insurance costs, which will be fully refundable.

If it is determined that the repair is based on normal wear and tear of the jewelry item, Brilliantly Engaged will provide an itemized bill to the insurer for the costs determined. If the repair needed is based on a defect in manufacturing then Brilliantly Engaged will assume the financial responsibility of repairing the item and ship it back to the client at no charge. Due to the delicate work needed for micropave rings, the warranty will extend for an additional 12 months from the date of delivery on this grouping. All of the above conditions will be honored on a ring by ring assessment with the understanding that Brilliantly Engaged is determined that all final decisions will be to the benefit of our customers. Brilliantly Engaged retains all rights to the decision rendered.

Brilliantly Engaaged offers two free ring polishings for the first 2 years of receiving the ring with the polishing of the engagement ring prior to the wedding date not counted as part of the two. 

If you live or work in the NYC area please contact us for an appointment. If you cannot leave the ring in our office, then shipping is the required vehicle. By calling our office we can discuss the various methods of shipping and costs involved. Polishing is still free.

Based on our experience, approximately 50% of the **assumed** engagement ring sizes are incorrect. Not to worry. Again, if you live in the NYC area we will follow the same procedure as above and at no cost. If you're out of town, then please call the office and we can guide you thru the process of sending the ring back. If it is determined that the error was not Brilliantly Engaged, then sizing is still free but shipping costs will apply.

Upon completion, our team will once again thoroughly inspect the ring. The two year policy is null and void if any jeweler other than Brilliantly Engaged has repaired any item of jewelery that was manufactured by Brilliantly Engaged.

All policies are subject to change upon date of purchase July, 1st, 2016.

What's the return policy?

Customers can take advantage of our 30 day money-back return policy on all diamonds. After examining and evaluating your purchase, you may return your diamond for any reason.  All custom made jewelry are considered a final sale and are not eligible for a refund. This will include all deposits for any item of jewelry including the initial deposit for our CAD program. Below are our return policies and procedures. Should you need assistance with a return at any time, please contact our office and we will be able to assist you.

All Orders Return Policies:

The Customer is responsible for all Return Shipments.

* All shipments must display a Return Authorization (RA#) on outside of box. Contact our office at 212.221.1594, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am - 5pm (EST) to obtain your RA#. If your shipment does not display an RA #, it will be refused. 

* All fees associated with credit card usage are not refundable.

* All packages must be shipped, fully insured, for the purchase amount.

* You will receive invoice value of your center stone, provided all criteria stated below are satisfied. Custom mountings are not returnable for credit or exchange.

* The 30 day period "return window" commences the day you have placed your deposit for either the diamond and or the engagement ring.

* Return shipments arriving postmarked after the 30 day return policy has expired will be refused and returned back to the sender.

* Brilliantly Engaged is not responsible for any possible claims if the item is lost and/or not insured for the full amount of the purchase.

* All original laboratory reports, appraisals and sales receipts must be included in the shipment.

* The original grading certificate is required with your return. A service charge of $300 applies to all Returns or Trade-Ups received without original Diamond Laboratory certificate.

* Brilliantly Engaged reserves the right to inspect and evaluate the diamond for any damages or fraudulent activity. If damages are found the customer will be notified immediately and the item submitted to a reputable 3rd party for further evaluation and verification of the extent of damage.

* Brilliantly Engaged reserves the right to negotiate a settlement cost for damaged return merchandise.

* All refunds will be processed within 10 business days.

* At the conclusion of our inspection we will issue a refund by company check.

What's the lifetime upgrade policy?

At Brilliantly Engaged we will always provide you with the finest ideal cut diamonds within your requested parameters. As we personally select each diamond, there is never any hesitation by our company in purchasing the diamond back and placing it in our inventory. Should you wish to upgrade your diamond in the future, there is a lifetime upgrade available with the following conditions:

* Any loose center diamond that was originally purchased from Brilliantly Engaged can be exchanged with a diamond of a similar shape for an additional 100% increase in cost and BE will be the sole provider of the selection. As an example of this process:

A diamond purchased for $10,000.00 must be increased by a minimum of $10,000.00 to be eligible for an upgrade. The original $10,000.00 will be applied to the next purchase.

The policy applies to only GIA and AGS graded diamonds that Brilliantly Engaged has sold and does not apply to any engagement ring or item of jewelry. The upgrade policy does not apply to diamonds that are graded lower than I in color and SI1 in clarity. Princess-cut diamonds are not eligible for this upgrade policy.

As part of the upgrade policy, each diamond must be accompanied by the original GIA or AGS certificate. A copy will not be valid. The diamond and certificate will then be submitted to the various labs for a fee of $300.00. To be eligible for the upgrade policy, the new and original certificate must match exactly in color, clarity, cut, polish, and symmetry, as stated on the certificate. If these specific areas do not match, then BE retains the right to negotiate a new cost value with the customer, to be agreed upon by both parties.

All customers participating in this Upgrade will be eligible for one(1) lifetime upgrade.

All policies are subject to change at the discretion of BrilliantEngaged. Last update 10/1/18.

All Trade-Up Purchases are treated as "final sales". There are no return privileges for a diamond purchased under our Trade-up Policy.

What's the lifetime buyback program?

At Brilliantly Engaged it has been our established policy that we personally review every diamond prior to the sale and thus have full confidence that the diamond you have purchased can be returned to our inventory. Brilliantly Engaged will offer a 50% buy back on any diamond purchased from our company with either a GIA or AGS certificate. This policy does not apply to diamonds with colors lower than I and clarities lower than SI1, or any combination of either a lower color or clarity. Engagement rings and all other items of jewelry are not eligible for this policy.

Diamonds that are returned must be accompanied by the original GIA or AGS certificate. A copy will not be valid. The diamond and certificate will then be submitted to the various labs for a fee of $300.00. To be eligible for the buyback policy, the new and original certificate must match exactly in color, clarity, cut, polish, and symmetry, as stated on the certificate. If these specific areas do not match, then BE retains the right to negotiate a new cost value with the customer, to be agreed upon by both parties.

All policies are subject to change. Policies last updated on 10/1/18.