Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant

Brilliantly Engaged has identified and placed on our website a unique selection of cushion diamonds both of the Antique and Modern “X” factor that exhibit the highest degree of cut, brilliance scintillation and fire.

Cushion shaped diamonds are best described as a four sided, rounded corner, and pillow shaped diamond. As the ratios vary greatly they appear as square, squarish and rectangular. Based on the rough material currently available in the market, the square shape is the most predominate.

Our cutters start by selecting the highest quality rough crystal and then analyze the rough through the use of the latest Sarin Technology. Once the correct measurements are achieved they then cut the rough to obtain a diamond that has been maximized for its highest light performance and scintillation. Each facet is aligned to promote the broadest whitest light by allowing the light to enter through the crown and exit through the pavilion. This promotes brightness, scintillation and fire. The diamond is then visually inspected to insure that only the finest diamonds are selected for our “Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant” cushion inventory. BE will eliminate all diamonds that fail to meet our stringent quality control for light performance. Once these tests have been finalized along with the visual inspections, the diamonds are then sent to either the GIA or AGS laboratories for a final grading of clarity and color. These four sided Deep Square or Rectangular Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds featuring rounded edges, large facets, high crowns and small tables are hand selected for their exceptional beauty, grace and overall value…

Our antique cut and “X” factor cushions are presented to you, our customer with the understanding that they have passed our very strict control process and have been reviewed to perform at the highest level of fire and brilliance under various lighting conditions. We offer these diamonds with the highest degree of confidence that every day you wear these diamonds you will experience the joy that only a “Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant” diamond can bring.

BE’s confidence in our “Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant” Cushion diamond selections and offers the opportunity of a Lifetime Buyback Policy at 75% of the purchased price of the diamond and Lifetime Upgrade Policy of only 25% above your original purchased price of the diamond.

Thank you,

The Staff at Brilliantly Engaged.