Customer Service

Brilliantly Engaged, by virtue of numerous testimonials and referrals, is known for maintaining the highest gemological and jewelry standards, along with our dedication to the best customer service in the industry.

Starting in 2001 and continuing today, our goal has always been to supply the finest ideal cut diamonds and the most beautifully created diamond engagement rings and jewelry. Along with our jewelry, we always offer our customers the most up to date gemological knowlege pertaining to diamonds. Our virtual inventory consists of Gemological Institute of America(GIA) and American Gemological Society(AGS) laboratory graded diamonds.All diamonds chosen for presentation are personally reviewed in our office by our staff of former GIA staff gemologists. Please review their profiles in the "Meet Our Expert Team" section. As we provide a lifetime upgrade policy, it is in our and your best interest to provide you with the best possible diamonds. In addition, unlike many other online diamond providers, we guarantee that we will never drop ship a diamond without review.

Our "Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant" antique cushions offer a large selection of personally chosen antique cushions for their cut and brilliance. Each cushion is provided with their own video taken in natural light. We will never enhance the video with store created LED lighting.

We offer a large selection of Engagement Rings and Wedding rings.All of them are customized for your specific diamond. Our Forever Yours Rings are beautifully crafted for your diamond with the guarantee of the highest professional jewelry standards.

The Mark T Premium engagement ring collection incorporates the use of CAD or Computer Aided Design. For thiose customers wishing a specific ring with personal customization, our staff of CAD jewelers will provide you with a rendering of the ring prior to production.Many of the rings in our Recently Sold section have been created using this format.

Brilliantly Engaged goal has always been to manufacture the finest diamond engagement rings at the best available price. We have dedicated ourselves throughout the course of our companies history to reach and maintain these lofty goals.

Should you need further help with tyour diamond jewelry questions, please contact us at 1-877-342-7464.

We look forward to your responces.

The Staff at Brilliantly Engaged