Lifetime Upgrade Policy

At Brilliantly Engaged we will always provide you with the finest ideal cut diamonds within your requested parameters. As we personally select each diamond there is never any hesitation by our company in purchasing the diamond back and placing it in our inventory. Should you wish to upgrade your diamond in the future, there is a lifetime upgrade available with the following conditions:

1-Any loose center diamond that was originally purchased from Brilliantly Engaged can be exchanged with a diamond of a similar shape for an additional 100% increase in cost and BE will be the sole provider of the selection. As an example of this process:

 A diamond purchased for $10,000.00 must be increased by a minimum of $10,000.00 to be eligible for an upgrade. The original $10,000.00 will be applied to the next purchase.

Brilliantly Engaged's confidence in our "Royal Chandelier Cushion Brilliant" and  Mark "T" Modern Cushion Cushion Diamond selections offers the oppurtunity of a Lifetime Upgrade Policy of  50% above your original purchased price of the diamond.

2-The policy applies to only GIA and AGS graded diamonds that Brilliantly Engaged has sold and does not apply to any engagement ring or item of jewelry. The upgrade policy does not apply to diamonds that are graded lower than I in color and SI1 in clarity. Princess-cut diamonds are not eligible for this upgrade policy.

3-The diamond must be accompanied by the original GIA or AGS certificate. A copy will not be valid. Should the original certificate be misplaced, a fee of $300.00 will be applied for a new certificate. The diamonds must be returned in an undamaged condition. Should there be any dispute as to the condition of the diamond, a 3rd party independent appraiser will be asked to offer an independent evaluation which will be binding.

4-All customers participating in this Upgrade will be eligible for one(1)) lifetime upgrade.

* All policies are subject to change  at the discretion of Last update 6/01/16.

5. All Trade-Up Purchases are treated as "final sales". There are no return privileges for a diamond purchased under our Trade-up Policy.

6. Diamonds certificates dated prior to December 31st, 2013 and earlier must be sent to the GIA for an upgraded certificate. The fee  of $300 will be applied to the cost of the new diamond. BE as a member at the GIA will facilitate this process.

To receive more information about our Trade-Up policy, please contact our office at 212.221.1594, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am - 6pm (EST), or send an e-mail to {}.