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Once I decided on popping the question, I knew the next step was to go ring shopping. After spending some time at local merchants, it was obvious that this process was being made much more difficult than it needed to be. I visited Mark and the gang over at Brilliantly Engaged after reading many good reviews online. During our first meeting, Mark offered a mini workshop on diamond selection rather than trying to sell me a stone. He showed me various diamonds in a multitude of sizes, colors, etc... He also provided a range of specific dimensions that I should be looking for in a round brilliant stone. After nearly an hour, he explained that he was going to get a few stones that fell within the paramaters we just agreed on, and he also suggested that I searched competitors websites. Mark's attention to detail and his no-pressure approach made me comfortable and I knew I would give him my business. He showed me many different settings, and I decided on a Vatche X-Prong. I brought the ring to an independant appraiser, who offered 2 different appraisals. The first is the generic appraisal that you need for insurance purposes. The second appraisal is what you should have paid in the market you are in. I found this second appraisal to be more relevant; it tells you if you paid too much or if you got a fair deal. I was MORE THAN PLEASED at the deal I got from Brilliantly Engaged. Shortly after I proposed, and she said yes. She constantly receives compliments on her ring. We got married a few months ago and got our wedding bands from them, beautiful work. Thanks Brilliantly Engaged.
I had the pleasure of working with Mark of Brilliantly Engaged in the fall of 2008 to create the ideal engagement ring for the love of my life. I was referred to Mark by a very close friend, who spoke wonders about the high level of customer service and the high quality of the ring that Mark and his team had designed. With this information, I made an appointment and was absolutely blown away by how seamless the team at Brilliantly Engaged made the process of selecting the right diamond and setting. The consultation started with Mark trying to learn a little bit about my future wife's style, the type of ring I wanted, and about my budget. This then transitioned into him spending a lot of time carefully talking about the different qualities of diamonds, which I thought was very helpful. Although I had done a significant amount of research on diamonds this personalized "Diamonds 101" class was extremely helpful. He then showed me several different cuts, sizes, color, and clarity of diamonds, which we carefully reviewed with a magnifying glass to highlight their subtle differences. This entire process placed me at complete ease and the fact that he was genuinely trying to help me find the perfect stone within my budget, rather than just trying to make a quick sale was clearly evident. After I selected my stone we then went through the same process of choosing a setting. Overall, working with Mark and his team at Brilliantly Engaged was a breath of fresh of air and provided me with a very memorable and truly remarkable experience of designing the ideal ring for my future wife. Needless to say, she absolutely LOVED the ring! I have been so impressed with Mark and the team at Brilliantly Engaged that I have referred several of my friends to him and they have in turn referred their family and friends. Choosing to buy my ring from Brilliantly Engaged was one of the best decisions I have made and I will definitely continue shopping with them for all of my future jewelry needs.
When I contacted BE, I had some doubts about the outcome of the experience. I spent alot of time researching on the web and gathering feedback on the few online sites that were most recommended for diamond purchases. People who purchase from BE really had very detailed and excellent reviews whether they purchased from BE or not! I think that is why I decided to contact BE. The ring and diamond was BEAUTIFUL! It was a 1.60 solitaire on a platinum ring. My initially contact BE by email, giving the info on what I was looking for. Mark replied via email to get more info and we also spoke on the phone. When purchasing a quality Diamond, there must be a certain level of trust between you and your jeweler. You really should have a expert eye look at the diamond. Mark was my expert eye plus more! His price was very good as compare to the other Big Online Diamond sellers. It is a different experience than buying from an online store where you don't really get to meet the person that is selling you your diamond, more personal and intimate, and making a diamond purchase is very personal. When the ring was finished, and we went to try it on, it was the best feeling when you know that you have pick the right jeweler and best deal for the quality. Most definitely recommend to any of my friends and friends' friends.
Mark made a potentially stressful process completely stress-free and easy. He went above and beyond what most business owners would do. After reading a ton of positive reviews on pricescope about Mark & Brilliantly Engaged, they were on my short-list of companies to evaluate for myself. I was in NYC for a 2 night conference. I called the number on their website about an hour before they closed and Mark called me back within minutes. I explained that I was in town, but only until morning. He invited me to his office well after hours. He was extremely patient with me and answered every single one of my questions with confidence that only comes from true knowledge and a mastery of his field. While my budget was large for me, it was likely average or low for what he probably usually sees, he did not make me feel uneasy, self-conscious, or otherwise uncomfortable. I left his office a little after 11pm... several hours after his normal closing time. Wow. Though he didn't have a diamond that matched my criteria at the time (the criteria which he walked me through, step-by-step in his office), we continued the process by email and phone when I got back to California. Any time Mark came across a stone that would be a good fit, he'd immediately let me know, send pictures, etc. I trusted his judgment completely, and I'm glad I did. Shortly after getting the ring I ordered, I asked, she said yes, and the rest is history. Mark will be my jeweler until he retires. Absolutely an amazing experience!
I have had the absolute best experience with Brilliantly Engaged. My husband bought my engagement ring there, which I absolutely love, and he worked with Mark Turnowski to design the ring. Mark was extremely patient, kind and honest with my husband, and we have loved working wih him. I think the service is top notch-the best in the city. If I ever need anything, Mark will drop everything to help me get it done, and he works late to ensure that I am happy, be it cleaning my rings or sizing, or anything at all. Brilliantly Engaged can customize any piece of jewelry but what I loved most was that Mark makes you feel very comfortable and spends a lot of time helping you make a decision, which is a big one because it's such an investment. He was very patient with us, and in fact was patient with the almost dozen friends who my husband and I have referred to him. This is really the main differentiator between him and his competitors. Other competitors may make you feel like they are trying to push a purchase on you, and will often try to sell the most expensive to you. Mark, on the other hand, works with you and tries to make sure you're picking the ring that will make you the happiest, within your budget, and after you buy your ring, he continues to make sure you are happy, even years later. That makes all the difference in the world to me and that is why I will continue to go to Brilliantly Engaged and will recommend him to everyone