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Everyone was really great! I ended up working with Chris, who I can't say enough great things about! His patience, attention to detail, amazing customer service, and efficient responses are greatly, greatly appreciated!

Maisie Pacia in Los Angeles, CA
I had an idea of what my wife would like for an engagement ring. Mark was very helpful in showing me a variety of diamonds and settings and helping me choose the most perfect ring for my beautiful wife.

Dan and Michelle in New York, NY
"Mark was extremely patient, kind, and honest with my husband; we have loved working with him. If I ever need anything, Mark will drop everything to help me get it done, and he'll work late to ensure that I'm happy"

"Mark and the team were fantastic. After listening to what I was looking for, they showed me a ton of options. Turns out, the first one they confidently showed me was the winner. They were friendly and patient, and 100% supportive during the process."

Dan and Alison in Philadelphia, PA
"Mark was very friendly and helpful in helping me create the perfect ring. He listened carefully to my preferences and guided me from start to finish on exactly what to look for in a diamond. Best of all, I never felt rushed. In the end, I walked away feeling great about the most important purchase I've made so far in life."

Eric in New York, NY
"Throughout a several month process, Mark spent countless hours teaching me about the fine nuances of cushion cut diamonds and went above and beyond with his patience and great customer service. He provided a solid education on the selection methods used to find the most beautiful cushion cut diamonds."

Jordan in Burlington, VT