The articulate stages of Hand Forged Fabrication

The direct creation that comes from a single piece of metal particularly platinum that is handmade and refined by an extremely old world method that is unfortunately known by a limited few individual jollier’s. This process depends on the accuracy of the craftsman in relation to the gem and the design.


In an age where technology encompasses our lives and impacts us on a daily basis, it’s refreshing to be able to produce a completely handmade work of art by the old world methodology responsible for such endless and renowned masterpieces. This extra touch of refinement and precision is more than evident in the step by step process. The metal is first manipulated, curled and then drawn through various gages for not only the clean and precise lines it offers but for the durability that it will eventually provide. The Jollier works in the classical sense like a fine Swiss watchmaker measuring every degree, curve, angle, and attention to the minutest detail. Once the pieces have been cut and shaped to the best possible lines and angles, the jollier then fully inspect the placement of the center gem to ensure a perfect fit and making sure the desired look has been achieved and executed to perfection…


He then proceeds to fuse all the elements of his vision and labor seamlessly together and watch the design come to life.


The diamond setter will then proceed to make the necessary precise incisions within the metal under a microscope with various tools and instruments at his disposal to ensure each exact degree is accounted for. The jollier then place the prongs at the 4 corners of the halo and relays the piece back to the setter for the continuation and completion of the setting process etc. After the piece has been fully polished and fully Inspected by the jollier’ s stringent quality control, I believe you may understand what comes next as the end result will be captivating indeed.

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