Bespoke Experience

1. Over 50% of our clients reside outside of New York City and do not physically view the diamonds before purchasing and or ring fabrication, we offer High Resolution Photography and Video along with ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology) and Ideal Scope Images for each clients review and consideration while still keeping with our 30 Day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

2 .You Get to Work with a diamond and jewelry expert with over 100 years of combined Experience and GIA Graduate Gemologists.

3. We Promise To Listen To Every Clients Requests and Offer In Depth Analysis while responding within 48 Hours of every phase of the process and answer each and every question that our client deserves.

4. We are Located in The Diamond Tower and have access to literally 100’s of Thousands of Diamonds within the hour. Although certain On Line Retailers may have Videos of diamonds on their site they do not physically have them in their possession as a very high percentage of those diamonds are located out of their reach or overseas and are dropped shipped to each client after purchase. We review each selection and photograph every diamond request ourselves, while offering our Gemological Insight as to why or why not to purchase that particular selection.

5. We promise to make your experience totally Stress Free. We will offer educational information and concentrate on you! We will provide a Presentation that relates to you in terms of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat so you have enough information to base what decision best suits you, your budget and personality..

6. We are the Bespoke Experience you Deserve and we promise to make each engagement Ring Truly Yours. We offer CAD/Designed Fabricated Rings and 100% Hand Forged Rings. You will be involved in every stage of production as each piece is Fabricated to the highest quality standards available while it is produced within our Work Shop right here in New York City.

7. Why get lost in a sea of diamonds offered by most on line retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen. Why Purchase a ring that came from a mold that is produced overseas by the thousands. If you are asking your self these questions then allow us to assist you with our knowledge, transparency and expertise.

8. Don’t take our word for it, rather let us prove it to you…..

You Deserve the “Bespoke Experience” !

Our Bespoke Artisan Engagement Rings will be Truly Yours!

Here’s How You Get Started for a Truly Unique Experience Custom Tailored For You.

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